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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Six Little Eggs

Wow this week has been interesting.  I got in trouble while on my 24 hour shift Monday morning.  The floors weren't shiny enough for the boss man so I had to come in on my recovery day at 600pm to make sure they were cleaned to standard.  Of course I lost sleep.  Then Wednesday and Thursday were super cold and I had to stay out all day.  I don't like to be cold.  Then this morning I didn't go to bed till 3 am to wake up at 530.  I couldn't stop reading this HD fic.

I told myself that I would only read the first chapter to get an idea of the story.  Of course the story was sooooooooooo good I couldn't stop.  It had 58 chapters and they were all good.  I loved it.  There's two sequel stories to it but I won't read them till later.  It was a different kind of creature fic with Draco and Severus as the dominant.  Draco is really mean in the beginning of the story and Harry is a pushover most of the time.

Beautiful Things

So todays plans completely fell thru.  I was supposed to go to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green but only 3 members (including myself) of the club showed up.  Very disappointing, I was really looking forward to going.  Maybe the cold scared everyone. (It was 13 degrees outside)  Hopefully next month will be better.

On the other hand I was able to get my hands on more HD fics.  Woot~~ Thats always good news.  I didn't read any of them, just saved them so I can enjoy them while pulling that 24 hour shift tomorrow.  My eyes are going to hurt from reading so much.  I can't wait!

Last night I started editing and man, it takes forever to get all the SFX right.  I did get about 6 pages done, so thats good.  Luckily the chapter I am doing is fairly simply in its artwork, so there wasn't too much to clean or fix.  I love the way there really isn't much plot to the thing, it just jumps right into the good stuff.  XD

I ordered a tablet to help out a bit.  I lost my pen to my other one and of course I packed it away and have no clue where its at.  So buying just the pen is a no go.  I should have it by the end of the week.

My sister finally sent me my external harddrive back. (I had left it with her over Christmas so she can give me some of her music and stuff) There were more songs for the Stepmania.  Yay!  Plus she has a friend who likes to remix music and make music videos, so I have tons of goodies to go thru.  Of course, I did the same thing.  I gave her all my music and manga.  I bought her a 500gig external hard drive to take back to school.  Poor thing only had a 30gig and what ever the computer had.  Since she is in school and can't really spend the money given to her for that kind of things, I decided to help out.

I am so proud of my sister.  She is currently going to school in south america to become a veterinarian.  I believe she starts her second year in Feb. (School there is from Feb to Dec).  But she's not alone there, a good 95% of our family is there, so she is in good hands.  That punk can now make fun of my spanish.  And to think I was better at it.  Oh well.


Its so nice to be off now.  I am totally a night person.  I can never go to sleep early on a weekend and then of course I can't get up in the morning and nothing gets taken care of.  But you know what?  Who cares!  Nothing is really important right now other than relaxing and enjoying my time off. 

I went to the movies tonight.  Wow I can't remember the last movie I saw at the theater.  The movie was really good but it was a complete cliff hanger at the end.....................I can't remember the name of it right now, but it was really good.  Its that one about something attacking Manhattan. (Why does everyone always want to destroy the statue of liberty?)  

Oh no the hipogriffs are home.  Maybe I should play my music loud.  Its still early, only 1 something in the morning...........hmmm


umm,  I feel so good now.  I just finished a very good and long story with Harry and Draco.  I was really sad in the beginning and it made me really hate Hermione.  She was made to be way overbearing.  Then again I really didn't like her in the original books.  I was lazy and didn't read the books but listened to them.  Man, was her character annoying with her "harry". bah.  Either way I would completely recommend the story.  Its a bit long, about 150 pages.  A bit sappy towards the end but I like happy endings.  All in all great thing to read if you want something angsty/Harry and Lost/Draco.

Other than that its work, read, sleep and back to work.  No life here.  I do have three days off. Yay!  And then another 24 hour duty on Monday.  That stinks, plus with no internet I will have to go and read a book. Thank goodness for Nora Roberts, her stories are always good.  Since Monday is a holiday I will mostly be able to take a nap during the day.  Thank Jebus for small favors.

Climb on Top

     Man,  I think I slept too long and now I can't go back to sleep. ugh.  Well one of the raw scans I had of HP/DM was translated.  (Fole) And the story is weird, I don't get it.  But Harry looks very sadistic in it, poor Draco.  I did, however get to read  a couple good fics today so it hasn't been too bad.   

     I am about to start editing for a scanlation group that does yaoi.  I always wanted to help so hopefully I do a good job for them.  I will start tomorrow.  *^_^*  Maybe they will get more HP/DM but there really isn't much out there, a trip to Japan would be nice to get some of my own.   The few that I have I completely love.  There is more of James and Snape than anything else.  I don't see the fascinations with that couple, to each their own.   Some stories out there make James the seme and Snape the uke, and then turn around and make Snape the seme to Harry's uke.  Snape can't seem to get enough Potters, hehehe

Weekend Has Come

Okay so I am done with my 24 hour duty.  And let me tell you, it sucked major chunks!  I used to be able to hook up my computer to the internet at least to pass the time. Unfortunately now only company computers can hook up. No internet the whole time.  I mainly distracted myself with TV and StepMania (which is a lot of fun).  I also had some HP/DM stories on my thump, so that kept me from going thru HP/DM withdrawls. :P 

I am no longer angry about the story from the other day, before I went to bed I read another story that was really steamy.  It made me feel better. XD (Malfoys Never Comer Early) Wow, was that story really good.  Then again any story with hot steamy Harry and Draco sex is fine by me. I always did like a dominant Draco. Very sexy!

I am tired and cold.  I hate cold weather, I miss Cali, at least there I can tolerate 50/60s weather but 20/30s..... ew.  But I need to catch up on  my yaoi before bed. Yay!  Two more stories are complete.  I love my yaoi! *drools*  Yaoi is always good to read if you are disappointed with a bad story.  Especially my HP/DM ones.  yum.

Another Bitch


I am sooooo angry now!  I hate reading stories that just end with now closure and that leave you with a story not done!  Stupid story says its complete when its not!  What a waste!  Fourteen chapters of a good story to just stop and then the next story is not even going to be continued!  URG!  I am really upset.  I should've stopped reading it and went to bed early that I need to.  And of course I have to get up early so I can go to work and stay there for freaking 24 hours!
Owning a car can be way too expensive.  Just because I let my car sit for a month it decided to get revenge and not start.  And of course to get it fixed it would cost me lots of money, that I don't have. But in the end I love it and can't seem to be apart too long.  I hate having to drive the truck, its too big and bulcky.

Luckily I didn't have to stay at work for long today.  I was out of there by ten in the morning, but then I took the car to the mechanics.  I got stuck home after that.  Jebus, I am still in my uniform, too lazy to change out of it.  Not like I am going anywhere.  Well maybe I should get something to eat.  Anything to get away from my noisy neighbors.  I swear there's a heard of hippogriffs up there just dancing around.

But can't complain too much.  I did get to read a couple of steamy Draco and Harry stories.  Ah~ nothing makes it better than my two favorite guys having hot, sweaty, steamy......well you get the picture.

Just Another Wonderfull Dancing

This journal thing is still weird for me to do.  I know no one is really interested in what I write, but its nice to be able to throw something out there. *sigh*  I am bored.  I am just waiting till I go across the pond.  Its really depressing to think about.   Stupid car of mine decided not to start, its only been in storage for a month.  I just wanted to take it out and have someone else clean it.  Luckily I had someone help me jump start it.  What a drag.  I guess its another late night for me.  At least is Thursday, no wait I have to work on Sunday.  For 24 hours!  And of course my job doesn't compensate you by giving you an extra day off.  I have to be at work on Tuesday.  There went my sleep cycle.  I guess I will be going to starbucks before it closes.  There really isn't much to do while I am there too.  I am not allowed to watch tv until 5 o'clock.  Plus I have to volunteer two more people to do the job with me.  That stinks.  Especially since I get to tell them on Friday morning.
"Good morning everyone I know you are waiting to get off of work to enjoy the weekend but I have to have you work on Sunday and you will be back at work on Tuesday."  Yeah, I can here the moaning and groaning.  Oh well.  Luckily I won't there all day.  I have class to attend to and then I hopefully go home earlier.

Another Day

Well I have had this for about a week, I think, and I love it.  I completely enjoy the fact that I can keep up with things I enjoy.  Hopefully when I go across the pond I will be able to keep this up.

I just finished reading a great fic Three Steps to Paradise by beren_writes .  I completely fell in love with it.  I have always enjoyed reading creature fics when it came to HP.  I also think to read about mpreg.  Mainly cause I like the idea of them having a family together and continuing their lives like everyone else.

Once I stared reading the fics about them, I was pleasantly surprised that there are so many people that like the same things I do.  Its weird of me to think that I was the only one, but then again I live a sheltered life. 

Love is love.