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Well, if only I paid more attention....

It's been a bit crazy the last couple of weeks. I've been trying to get a jump start on school. It feels like the only thing I do is work, school and nothing else. >.< But I recently had loads of fun at Emelda City Comicon!!! Woot!! I had so much fun! I didn't have an outfit that was comic book related so I just went in a spring themed kimono. ^_^ It was a hit and lots of people liked it. Next will be Sakura Con and NorthWest Con!!! Both are on the same weekend so I will have to use my awesome time management skills. :P

On a sad not, since I don't really spend as much time on LJ as I do on other social media, I didn't realize I was just watching a com and not actually joined. >.< And now its closed off and there is no way of contacting the Mods. *pouts* Trust me, I have tried, but it looks like they disabled being able to receive messages. Oh well. I will miss having access to their stuff.

On the bright side, however, HP/DM will still be available but for some reason I am starting to crave more SS/RL. o.o! No idea why, but maybe its time to move on to a new ship. hmmmmm, must think that over for a bit. XD

Either way HP/DM all the way!! <(^_^)>

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