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New Beginning

Well its been a hell of a couple weeks. I came back home from being in South America to start putting things where they need to be. It was very hard especially while trying to deal with my loss. I miss her very much.
Things with Mr. Man ended horribly and I am afraid of what would happen if our paths cross. The separation is official and now I am in a new city cause of work. So I guess I really do get to start all over again. This place is overwhelming and I feel very lonely but I know its just a phase. I will adapt, it just feels tiring to do it.
I have many things of my previous chapter and it hurts to go through them. Chosing what to keep and what to dispose of. So cold but there is no other way. I have to move on.
I am really hoping this new job will be more fullfilling than the last one. With the extra time I have I want to dedicate it to my career. So I will try not to let things get me down.
Things just take time....

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