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Something is not right
He can feel it deep inside, this uneasy feeling... agitation... worry
He begins to understand what it is, but can't leave yet
He wants to run...
to confront...
to soothe...
to comfort...
The clock strikes the late hour. Finally!!
The wolf is flying on the trail
Just one thought in mind
Need to get to her...
As he reaches his destination all is quiet
'Is it clear?'
Slowly he makes his way in, must be very cautious
'Mustn't wait the others...just her, just her'
He can still feel his restlessness, the unease, the worry
but now he knows whose the cause of that
As he approaches her, he is glad he came
Glad for following his instincts
She feels surprised at his appearance but relief is the greatest of them all
She didn't want to hinder and felt shameful
Without fail he starts to soothe...
to calm...
to reassure...
The wolf is gentle...
He always seems to know and she is very greatful
The anger, agitation and fear of before disappears with all the kindness he gives
It all fades to memory
'Tomorrow is a new day'
As she starts to relax the wolf starts to leave
'I cannot stay'
Despite the sadness that these words produce, she is still happy to have seen him this night
'Goodnight, sweet dreams Nena'
She goes to sleep with a small smile
Only goods dreams follow, the wolf has seen to that
As he leaves the sense of urgency is gone and just peace is felt
He has a small smile as dreams of her
'She is well...'

The wolf always seems to know....

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