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Well, if only I paid more attention....

It's been a bit crazy the last couple of weeks. I've been trying to get a jump start on school. It feels like the only thing I do is work, school and nothing else. >.< But I recently had loads of fun at Emelda City Comicon!!! Woot!! I had so much fun! I didn't have an outfit that was comic book related so I just went in a spring themed kimono. ^_^ It was a hit and lots of people liked it. Next will be Sakura Con and NorthWest Con!!! Both are on the same weekend so I will have to use my awesome time management skills. :P

On a sad not, since I don't really spend as much time on LJ as I do on other social media, I didn't realize I was just watching a com and not actually joined. >.< And now its closed off and there is no way of contacting the Mods. *pouts* Trust me, I have tried, but it looks like they disabled being able to receive messages. Oh well. I will miss having access to their stuff.

On the bright side, however, HP/DM will still be available but for some reason I am starting to crave more SS/RL. o.o! No idea why, but maybe its time to move on to a new ship. hmmmmm, must think that over for a bit. XD

Either way HP/DM all the way!! <(^_^)>

Dec. 27th, 2010

Christmas is finally over, so I don't have to worry if stores are closed. What an inconvenience! Especially when I need coffee before work!!!! My little girls are all worn out after an afternoon at the dog park. They got their much needed exercise and might get some more tomorrow if the weather holds up.

I finally decided to get back to my hobby of scrap booking. I have let that go and just sit there. But with the last events that needed my scrap booking stuff, I am starting to get the urge to start up again. I am glad. I really need to use up all the supplies I have, >.<

Now if only the dogs would stop passing gas....

And the beat goes on...

Operation Santa Claus was a success. I like to help even if it costs me my free time. Some one has to do the work and I didn't really have any serious plans. The new pup is good but she needs to learn how to potty in the right place. I swear she does it on purpose, I know she could have held it for three hours. Maybe I will have to use the crate. The fuzzies make life interesting and I love them to pieces.

With all this, I kinda miss the days of laziness and no homework. Ah, but life goals must be met.
Wow, time flies when you are having fun. School is all consuming and work tries to be as well. The kids at work are making me go gray. At times, so are my fuzzies and pup. Just gotta love the hectic life style

Things continue on....

Moving along, day in, day out. Most days are like a broken record. Two little Faeries help but at times are not enough. The past has started to show their face again and I couldn't handle it. I panicked. I was affected for days and couldn't cope. But I will not back down and I continue on. I will not change what I have going on. I can notice them more and more. I want what I lost but I know it will never be. Its gone, even though it was not all my fault. The loneliness is still at bay and manageable. Touch is starting to be uncomfortable. Is there such a thing? I am awkward with it. My reactions are not normal but no one says any thing. All is not at a loss. I will continue.

No More...

I am not liking this. My interest is not in it any more. The small drizzle did not help, if anything it made the drought worse. I am being teased and questioned at every turn. And I was doing so good too. I am back to the beginning again. Why is it that I had to torture myself. Obviously I didn't learn my lesson earlier. This new year is not starting out well. The void is constantly getting bigger. The old ways of coping are not enough and are draining my resources. Great, more fuel to the fire. There is still one more option that I will take. I really hope it helps. I know I am stronger than this!!

So long, now its the blues....

Its been a while since my last post. I can't even remember when it was. Everything was moving along just fine but things are a bit different now. I was able to see my family in September and go enjoy Disney World. That was loads of fun! Then I was gone for weeks in TX. That was an experience. I just love to meet new people and hear of their own experiences. Learning from them and getting good advice. Now I am back in my own area and I am feeling a bit down. Its the silly holidays. People make such a big deal about it, that it makes me uncomfortable. Why should I put a tree up? No ones going to see it and then who will help me put it away? Its not my fault that I don't have family here, why should I be tortured by theirs? I've met another damn wolf well this one is more cat like.... I can't seem to keep to myself, must be the season. I don't want to get attached. The last one hurt alot and made me doubt my decisions. Should I have stay where I was at instead of letting it go? Some one said they were surprised that I don't have anyone. Do I look like I am dependant on other people? Am I not capable of taking care of myself? That comment left me speachless. It was said at an akward time. Stupid thing really. Now I am thinking about it. I hate doing that. Stupid brooding. I don't really care for negative thoughts, its the reason why I ignore them. They have all caught up to me and won't leave me be!!! It made me mess that closeness that I use to somewhat have. It really wasn't perfect but at least I wasn't alone. I always made do. I can tell this new one would be more attentive but only when around. It will be awhile before they will be. Other things are showing up and making life seem overwhelming. Time is short, will everything fit in the day? Should I add more to my plate? I need more but could I handle it all? Stupid holidays. I think I am going to get some cookies......

New Beginning

Well its been a hell of a couple weeks. I came back home from being in South America to start putting things where they need to be. It was very hard especially while trying to deal with my loss. I miss her very much.
Things with Mr. Man ended horribly and I am afraid of what would happen if our paths cross. The separation is official and now I am in a new city cause of work. So I guess I really do get to start all over again. This place is overwhelming and I feel very lonely but I know its just a phase. I will adapt, it just feels tiring to do it.
I have many things of my previous chapter and it hurts to go through them. Chosing what to keep and what to dispose of. So cold but there is no other way. I have to move on.
I am really hoping this new job will be more fullfilling than the last one. With the extra time I have I want to dedicate it to my career. So I will try not to let things get me down.
Things just take time....
Well I have been very busy the last couple of days. My sister unfortunately passed away. She was not able to recover from her relapse. I am very sad about it but I was very lucky to have all my family there. She was able to say goodbye to everyone and maintained high spirits till the end.

Thanks everyone for the support.


So far my little sister's lungs have cleared up and she is ready to leave the hospital. Unfortunately they want to do another spinal tap to make sure her platelet count is improving. Not good. Last time she had to be put under and thats where she had complications. We are hoping she will be okay with this procedure. And that the results are good from it. I think we should know the end results by Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Now we sit and wait..... again.


My sister still hasn't been taken off the respirator but she is fighting it. They want to keep her sedated to be able to run tests and keep her calm. She had a bit of a reaction to the medication but luckily it wasn't anything too serious. Overall she is a bit better but we are still trying to get her to the states.

Not Good News...

So I got back from my stint across the pond on Saturday and by Wednesday I was back on a plane to Bolivia. My youngest sister, who has Down's Syndrome, has been diagnosed with acute leukemia and might not survive. Due to some misunderstandings, they thought she had hemorrhagic dengue fever, we are unable to get her back to the states. At least in the states the medical treatment would be better. Now we are stuck here and waiting. I never got to talk to her, by the time I got here she was already intubated. I just hope she can hear me and know that I made it here for her.


So things started to get a little rough for a bit, but now that I am on my way home its starting to get better. I had to say goodbye to my wolf but I thinks its all for the best. I don't want to lose our friendship, its very important to me. There was a lot of things shown to me and now I will do better. I will miss him though.

Now its time for me to start my new life and make sure that I don't do the same mistakes anymore.
Something is not right
He can feel it deep inside, this uneasy feeling... agitation... worry
He begins to understand what it is, but can't leave yet
He wants to run...
to confront...
to soothe...
to comfort...
The clock strikes the late hour. Finally!!
The wolf is flying on the trail
Just one thought in mind
Need to get to her...
As he reaches his destination all is quiet
'Is it clear?'
Slowly he makes his way in, must be very cautious
'Mustn't wait the others...just her, just her'
He can still feel his restlessness, the unease, the worry
but now he knows whose the cause of that
As he approaches her, he is glad he came
Glad for following his instincts
She feels surprised at his appearance but relief is the greatest of them all
She didn't want to hinder and felt shameful
Without fail he starts to soothe...
to calm...
to reassure...
The wolf is gentle...
He always seems to know and she is very greatful
The anger, agitation and fear of before disappears with all the kindness he gives
It all fades to memory
'Tomorrow is a new day'
As she starts to relax the wolf starts to leave
'I cannot stay'
Despite the sadness that these words produce, she is still happy to have seen him this night
'Goodnight, sweet dreams Nena'
She goes to sleep with a small smile
Only goods dreams follow, the wolf has seen to that
As he leaves the sense of urgency is gone and just peace is felt
He has a small smile as dreams of her
'She is well...'

The wolf always seems to know....

Idiots, All of them!

I really hate stupid people! So as we are packing our things it is discovered that high items stuff that belongs to me is stolen from a secure connex. That by itself angers me, but to turn around and say its my fault is stupid! I knew those items were there and I saw them there last month, but because I didn't check sooner its my fault. There was never a reason for those things to be taken out of that connex. There was never a reason to doubt that those items were not there. Not many people have access to it and it would have been obvious if someone opened it. Now my boss is claiming that he never saw those things last month, that he doesn't remember them. Its not like he was looking for them either. I know they were there, I had to go through them to get some paperwork. Now he is making me look like some liar about the whole thing. That just irks me to no end!!!
I am sick and tired of his stupidness, just because he wants to throw a hissy fit and be a dick about everything. I can't wait to leave here. I might just kill someone if I stay any longer.....
AND then!!! This other guys is being an ass about not printing some paperwork for someone who needs it. He says 'its not my problem he didn't type all the information right.' What a dick!! Its not that hard to get on the computer and print this stuff. If I had access I would do it my self! Is it really hard to help someone out? Apparently its a great sacrifice to help people. I hate lazy people like that and then they get angry when they aren't helped.

Into My Life

I am feeling a bit better than last time. I should be home in 3 weeks, but I am still stuck in the middle. I can't make any plans till I get back. Gotta see how things are going to play out first. Geebus, there is tons of things to get done!!
The people here are starting to get on my nerves, well worse than before. I gotta be careful or I will do something I will regret. Its just that they can be so thick! So I will try to stay out of the way as mush as possible. We are packing the last of our stuff tomorrow. Woot!
Lol, and you would think its the end of the world by what those others are saying! They just got spoiled with all that we had and now we are taking it away. We will just have to wait and see as to what they will do. Our replacements will only have a few days of overlap and half of everyone will be gone already. I don't really care either way. I am done with the place.
I am going to miss the wolf though. That is the only thing that will make me sad when I leave. We haven't discussed any of it. Most likely we will just go our separate ways when this is done. I don't want that and I will try to stay in communication with him. Never know whats going to happen.
I finally decided to get a facebook account. I plan on having two, mainly because I am know by the two different names. I shall see how it goes. Of course Mr. Man will not know of it if I can help it! I know he would have a hissy fit. Humf. I don't care if he does. There are somethings that gotta change and I am going to have to put my foot down. I will not just hide like I did before.

Strawberry [DJ Plocx Remix] by Dj Plocx

Its been sometime since I wrote and lots has happened. Mr Man is being a pain and wants out. I don't know what to do. Its something that always seems to happen when the trips are over, but this time I am seriously thinking about going through with it. I am not there to deal with the issues from the trip. I am very glad for that. Last time was very hard and I don't think we really dealt with it. Just ignored it, like he is trying to do again. There is help for it but he doesn't want it. At the same time there isn't much that can be done till I am done with my trip.
I'm stuck in the middle. I met a wolf.
This wolf is... very affectionate, kind and caring. I really am starving for affection. The wolf gives loads of it and I know I am going to miss it very much. I normally don't get any of the attention I get with him. I must have forgotten what it was like. At the same time, I don't think I ever had a time where I received so much of it. Its so nice.
Can I really go back to before? I have to. Its what has to be done. I can't count on staying with the wolf. He is a lone wolf after all, with plans of his own. I don't want to be a burden or hindrance. I am really stuck in limbo. I am thinking of starting a new once I move. It would be really nice to but at the same time I am scared of doing that.
I am constantly wondering how its going to be once I return. I know its going to be awkward. I am finding myself wanting the wolf more and more but I know I can't keep him. I am horrible, I might do the same to the wolf as I done to Mr Man. Just like Chiquita. Can't escape your past or who you come from it seems. I have tried very hard to veer from that. Maybe that's why I try so hard to keep what I have now at the expense of something else.
I think the tests are going to be the deciding factor with Mr Man. I can't see him wanting to continue on if its true, he's already made that real clear. What would the wolf want? Honestly, I have no clue.
I guess I should just enjoy the little time I have left. Make wonderful memories and settle with what I have....

Its a new month!

Finally another month has pass but nothing too interesting has happened. I am still here. However, there is less than two months left of this fun. I have been keeping myself busy learning how to dance. Well not learn how to dance, since I already know but improving on my skills. I was not the best salsa dancer and I have the opportunity to get better. I am having so much fun! The people that go to salsa night are nice and its good to forget where I am at. I can't write much, unfortunately I am on a time limit thats about to be up.

Its a New Year!

Well the new year is here and I am still at this place. However, there is only a few weeks left and then I get to meet up with Mr Man again!! I can't wait, I miss him very much.

I have had a bad time these last two weeks with no internet. It totally sucked to not be able to read anything new. And to make it worse I couldn't even access my email at work for a couple of days. That just made keeping in contact with everyone hard. But no worries I am back online and it was a joy to finally read H/D and A/A fics again. There tons of entries to catch up on and I just finished that last of then today.

Without the internet I did start reading the books that I have collected while here. Most of them are staying here once I leave, let others have something to read. I am keeping the books of my favorite author though, Nora Roberts. I can never get enough of her books.

Mr. Man is doing well too, he should be home soon. I haven't heard from him in a couple of days, but I won't worry till at least a week has passed. Traveling can be very hectic.

With the count down started people are starting to change a bit and get very antsy. I literally got sent to my room for doing something "wrong." I laughed and left, it was funny. I didn't mind though cause I got some time off, so no hurt feelings. But now I have to make sure not to repeat the offense and make sure to ask "How high?" next time. lol

Almost Done.........*Cries*

Well I had left on vacation a couple of weeks ago and my time is almost up. Three weeks to do nothing and anything I wanted was really nice to have. I was able to see alot of things here in Sydney. The weather for the most part was really nice and the people were too. Thanks to the way the economy is going I was able to save a lot of money here, since the US dollar is stronger. I never knew that there were so many asians here. I think they make up about 50% of the population in Sydney. Or it could be that I am near Chinatown. LOL. Anywho, because of them I was able to eat all kinds of different asian foods. I totally love it!! I was finally able to try some chinese pork buns, japanese takoyaki, thai tom yum soup and korean dim sim. I am very happy with all that and to top it all off, I have had tons of sushi!!! Its everywhere! I am in heaven. To bad I can't move here. Oh well.

Soon it will be time to go back to work and the boring life I lead there. Luckily it won't be for too long. I finally get to be moving this coming summer. Woot!! New area to discover and enjoy. Ugh, its going to take forever to check all the posts I have missed this last month. It will be a pain, but it well diffinantly will pass the time......

Breezinbg By

So its been two months since my last post. Lots has happened and I am so glad that my internet is finally working. Its been very sporadic. I could barely reading my mail and then try to catch up with my friends page was a nightmare. I had missed about 400 posting and had 50 messages. It took me about a week to sort everything out!! I love to read though so it wasn't too bad. I got to read a really good H/D fic, several in fact. With all the fests going on and what not.

While my daily life has not really changed. Still going to work, hang out for a few hours, read and then go to the gym. Nothing too exciting. I am also getting ready for my vacation that will start next week!! Woot!!! I so can't wait for that. I know I will be spending too much money but I will be having loads of fun doing it!

I found out that my internet blocks most of my fanfiction sites. Its so sad too!! Most of them are specifically for H/D stories too. I was so heart broken. I am really glad that livejournal was not blocked, seeing how facebook was. I don't really use that but I was still a bit worried. If I can't read while out here I don't know what I would do with myself. >.<

Thank god for the simple pleasure in life!! I miss sushi.....

Kick A$$

Well its been forever since I wrote last. Not really only 3 weeks and lots has happened. I went on a trip to another place to train some medics how to do x-rays and now I came with my equipment to get it serviced. Other than that I have been hanging out at Sharana.

I have been going to the gym regularly but not have lost weight. I think its cause I am lifting lots of weight. I need to run more, but the wind is so strong lately that it pushes me around like a doll. The internet is acting up again, we were told that we might not have it for two months!! I am boring my friends right now.

I am totally spoiling my self here at BAF. ^_^ I went to DQ twice and went to Pizza hut. I also got a full body massage for 20$!! It was heaven. I haven't had these things in 4 months and I really missed it. No worries I am still going to the gym while on this little vacation.

After this I don't see myself leaving Sharana till my midtour leave. *pouts* But that just the way it goes. Things here are still as active as ever. I found out that one of our medics was in a vehicle that was hit with an RPG. She was tossed around, broke a finger and still took care of the other soldiers in the vehicle. She is so my hero. Everyone is very proud of her. Thats how all our medics should be like. She is doing well but two of the soldiers died of the wounds they received. When I was on my trip to OE, I saw those guys come in. Its really sad to see those guys go through that. The fourth person in the vehicle is doing fine, he was sent home and due to his injuries won't be coming back.

Life continues on here. We really can't dwell on those things too much cause we still have plenty of time left here. We keep motivated and drive on....

Its how I feel......

Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me by TISM

Ugh, this song I can so relate to. lol. Anyways things are just rolling along. There is not much going here, just routine work. Today has been a busy day though. Some guys got hit yesterday and just came in for check ups today. Luckily it wasn't anything too serious. Thats what I like to see. I was able to do the supply drop again last week. I don't think I will ever get tired of that. We were so close to the ground you could hear the woosh sound by the mountains we passed by. I swear we cut some trees down with the propellers. lol. Lots of fun!!

I was able to contact an old friend of mine from high school. It was so nice to hear from her again. She is doing well, family and all. I knew she would make a great mom. I guess I should do the family thing too. Maybe when I am done with this trip I can seriously think about it. Till then I am going to have as much fun as possible!!!

My Sharana!!!

Well lots has happened since the last time I posted. I actually moved to Sharana now. And let me tell you, it was a very long flight. I got to ride in a chinnook, the flight left at 5pm and I didn't get to my destination till midnight. Since this place doesn't have any good lighting I wasn't able to see anything till morning. Not that there is much to see here. The elevation was a bit hard to get use to (we are at 7000ft) and I had a headache for bit, but nothing too bad. It gets hard to catch your breath when you are just walking around but running is not so bad. I finally can run for 40-50 mins without stopping.

Now the biggest issue I had moving here was the living space. I had to share a living space with 5 other people at Salerno but here I have to share it with 7 other people. The overall space is the same. So you can imagine how small my space is now. I came here with too much stuff and I acquired more stuff on the way. The huts we live in also curve, so you really can't build up and the space is all divided with plywood. >.< So the solution for most people was to raise their beds and put as much stuff as possible under the bed and build shelves on the walls. I took that to the next level and basically had the boys (my coworkers, ^_^) raise my bed to be a bit higher than my head against my side wall. This way I can just walk under my bed as I go into my room and that just opened lots of room! Its like having my own loft. lol. My room is cozy and I don't want to move. I hope I don't get affected too much by the asbestus, I covered most of it with sheets. >.<

Work has been interesting. I am not as busy as I used to be at Salerno and that gets on my nerves sometimes. But if I am busy then it means that someone is seriously hurt. Thats not good. We have had more trauma in this last month than the whole of last year. The just shows how things are starting to heat up. We hopefully will have a better building to work out of by Christmas. Right now I technically work out of a closet with lab and we share that with all the trauma supplies. It gets pretty crowded in there real quick.

Now that I am completely settled, I am going to get a field desk in my cubicle and hopefully start my editing again. That was fun to do. I guess I could do some online college classes but I have no clue what I would do. I never had that much motivation to do school work on my own. I would like to learn another language while I'm here. As of now I have only a year left. Goodness that sounds so much better than 15 months.

I can't wait till mid tour break. I am hopefully going to Australia! I have never been and I can't wait!! I am so going to have to do alot of shopping since I really don't have much civilian clothes with me here. I really had no space to bring a suit case. Woot! Great excuse!!

What? I haven't moved?!

Yes, yes I know I was supposed to have left and be at a new place but guess what the military is very slow! Shocker? Not really. I figured it was going to be like this. At least I know that I will have a four day notice before I have to leave here. I found out that there is no internet in the rooms where I am going. What a bummer! Since the last time I posted a lot of things happened.

See the ListCollapse )

Drifting By

Well its been awhile. I am somewhat situated now, but I found out that I will be moving to another location. I guess I am needed at this other place. So now most of my stuff is packed and I am living out of my bags again. Worst of all is that they changed the dates of when I am leaving and its now another extra week before I go. What a pain. I really would like to sign up for some college classes here but since I don't know what the internet situation is like at the other place I don't want to just yet. I might not have the same access like I do here.

Other than that most days just pass by. I forget what day it is. I had to pull gate guard for a week. That was horrible. Having to be on your feet for 12 and a half hours with an additional 48 lbs sucks. I think I got stronger though, an upside..... sorta.

Great news overall I am getting promoted. Yay! And it only took me two years to acheive. Thats not too bad. I don't plan on getting any higher in rank, so I am happy I have reached my goal. Plus the extra money I will be getting is great. Now hopefully I can actually save it and not spend most of it away.

First Day of Work

Well I have been working at my job and I really am liking it alot. The crew I am with are funny and are really fun to be with all around. I don't think I will be having issues with them. The girl I work with is great. She is friends with alot of people at the bazaar and knows how to get deals on stuff there. We really didn't have much to do so we started just goofing around. It looks like we will have a shaded area behind our department to hangout on when it gets hot out. Right now cause of all the rain we have a little lake and we decided to take pictures. This pic is of Joe relaxing by it and "fishing." XD

See Joe Fish!Collapse )


So I am currently where I hope I will be staying, well at least for the next couple of months. This place is not so bad. I can make do with it. I am disappointed that the internet kinda sucks. Its very slow for the $35 a month one. I really don't want to pay $100 a month for just internet. I guess it just depends one what I want to do with it. I do download a lot of stuff and this connection is killing me. Ugh, and here I thought I was going to save money here.

There is a bizarre here too, where I can spend tons of money. And of course they have a Green Bean. I really wanted to quit with spending money on coffee, back home I spend anywhere from $200 to $300 a month on it. Stupid Starbucks. So I am really going to try and just have coffee from the D-fac. The food there is pretty decent.

Tomorrow I will see how things are set up where I will be working at. I was able to meet some of the people I will be working with and they seem nice. Everything is temporary though. I think with everything, things will be okay. I will try to maybe post some pictures.

Still in K-stan

Hopefully not for long. I can't wait to go to the next place. It should be built up more than here. Of course we have to wait forever to get our flight but there is no hope for it. Hurry up and wait......
So I am not next to Mongolia, like I was told. I am next to China though. Apparently there is two K-stans. I am in the one not next to Mongolia. There that should narrow it down......


I am still here in something-stan. :P I will be staying here for a day or so. Its not so bad here. There is internet, Green Bean and a gym. Wooh what fun! <--sarcasm by the way. Its really boring and I am going out of my mind. The time change is awful too. I am awake when I should be asleep. I know the place I am going to is similar to this. It looks like these next couple of months will be very long.

On the Other Side of the Pond

Well I am currently in one of the 'Stan countries waiting to be sent further along. Its not too bad here, but the internet is super duper sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. The flight here took long too, it was about 17 hours and thats not including the 3 lay overs. We had one in Ireland, but of course it was night time so you really couldn't see anything. Ugh, what a pain to have to do this. I really wanted to download the new oneshot from AF but it will take about 2 hours to do. I am really tired and I don't know if I will wait that long for it. Hopefully I won't be staying in this transient place for long. I here the other places are supposed to be better off. I will just have to see.

Two Days Left!

Well I finally read all the posts that I missed on Saturday. I missed not being able to look at LJ. Looks like I wasn't the only one who didn't like it either. Hopefully something came out of that stunt.

I only have two days left till my trip across the pond. It really sucks. I already miss my freedom. Lots of my co-works are probably getting completely trashed because of it. (We can't have alcohol after midnight Monday) I honestly don't know if I will be able to check my LJ or read my friends page. If anything I would at least like to be able to read that. I hate not knowing what to expect once I am over there. The trip is to be very long. I am taking way too much stuff. My computer bag is super heavy and so is my backpack. My other bags probably weigh as much as I do.

I was feeling a bit bummed yesterday. I really am not allowed to hang out with people from work, which limits me on who I can be with. That sucks. I don't have any friends outside work. And being this is my last weekend here I can't even go out and have a drink cause I have to drive myself home. I wanted to go to Nashville last night too, but it is such a long drive to make by myself. So I just went to Logans Steakhouse by myself and had a yummy 12 once medium rare steak. Oh god was it good! Then I came home and read some of my manga that I just bought.

I did go to Opry Mills resort on Saturday. I have been living close to Nashville for 5 years and that was the first time I actually went into the resort. I did alot of shopping these last few days too. I can't help it, I love to shop. Its the main reason why I stay away from all malls. I limit my visits to book stores.

So its Easter day I think I will go to Shoneys or something for food. I think I just might drive myself to Plays in Nashville for my last night out. I don't think I will be doing much on Monday, except for last minute things. On Tuesday I will be super busy, since that is when I am suppose to report in. Ugh, so much unknown stuff after that. Oh well, no sense in getting depressed again. Now for some food.....

Moving Out

Well with my trip fast approaching I have been getting ready to move out of my apartment. Its such a pain to pack everything up. I will be staying at a friends place till I leave. What I don't like about this whole moving thing is that I will have to live out of my bags for the next week or so. I don't like having to intrude on anyone either. It also sucks that they live farther away from where I work. I will be homeless for a couple days. ;__; Now I have to make sure all my bills are paid and nothing is left hanging. That happened to me last time and it totally ruined my credit for a while. (Thanks to $2.34 not being paid on my Sears card.)

Ugh! I also won't be able to have my computer anymore. *bangs head on desk* It will be packed and I will have to suffer and use a laptop for the next 15 months! I hate laptops. I love the fact that my computer monitor is 19 inches! I am really blind. XD I will have to be careful looking at my yaoi too. Cause I will be living with other people who don't know my dirty little secret. >.> My sister is the only person that knows that I like yaoi/slash but she doesn't know how addicted to the stuff I am. (Of course people from the internet know but that's different.) Not even Mr Man knows, he thinks that I am just reading your average romance novels, ah how naive. XD

I guess I should get my butt moving and get settled in my temp living space. So this is that entry that I will be making on my desktop for who knows how long.

Doumeki & Watanuki

Yummy! Doumeki and Watanuki are another favourite slash couple.

Mar. 12th, 2008

So I was bored and I really wanted to have a different back round for my laptop. Something that showed my love for Harry and Draco, but nothing that showed obviouse yaoi/slash. I love potterpuffs. They are too funny. Especially Snape puffs. I have tons of pictures of these two guys. I am way too addicted to them. Its so nice to know that there are tons of people who love them like I do. Too bad I can't have anything too explicit on my laptop cause if I could I would so have a field day. XD

Iklip - Turning for You

Okay so I haven't written in awhile.  I did mention that I am horrible at this journal stuff.  I spent some time updating other places that I am part of.  *sigh* My 10 year high school reunion is next year.  So sad!  I probably won't be able to go.  Stupid Taliban.  The trip across the pond so getting closer.  I did volunteer to leave earlier but I haven't heard anything yet.  I really don't have anything for my here, since Mr. Man is already on the other side of the pond.  I think I am getting a bit nervous?  I don't know, it just feels weird to know that I will be leaving for a while and then come back to move again.  I don't know what to expect.  My previous experiences were completely different and I feel that I will flapping for a bit.  At least until I make heads or tails of the place.  Will I have time to my self every so often?  Will I be able to communicate back home? To Mr. Man?  That's one of my biggest fears.  I want to be able to contact Him.  Right now I can pick up my phone and call, almost when ever. (I can only call when He is on shift.)  What kind of living space will I have?  What about the work environment?  How will I get me clothes clean?

Such weird question keep coming to me.  I know everyone is starting to feel the pressure more and more. 3 weeks.  I just want to get over with it.  Ugh!  I am so going to miss Starbucks and constant (reliable) internet.  My own apartment.  I hate having to work off of my laptop.  I like having a 19inch computer monitor to work off of. (As you can tell I am practically blind! Well not really, but still.)  My creature comforts are so going to be missed.

Whine, whine, whine~~~.  Okay I am done.  On a happier note, it was a great weekend!  The weather finally was super nice.  I could have walk around in shorts if I wanted to.  I would have loved to go out cruising in the car, but that wasn't possible.  Can you believe that I lost my keys?  No clue as where they could be.  I don't have that much stuff and my apartment is small.  Stupid keys are going to cost me $180! Yes thats right.  The keys had to be special ordered and the stupid door/trunk opener is expensive.  Not the mention the installment of the transmitter too.  Stupid keys.  I hope my keys show up before the transmitter arrives on Friday.

Weekend Has Come

So its been a while since I wrote anything.  I am horrible when it comes to these things.  Anything week is gone and went by so slow too.  Luckily I got an extra day off cause of the Super bowl, (not that I actually watched it), but who am I to complain.  Then the between the snow and tornados I am glad I am finally on vacation.  I have nothing planned.  Just hand out, read mangas and do tons of editing.

The job held a nice sweetheart ball last night. XD  It was tons of fun.  Everyone was drinking and acting silly.  I think I took the cake on that one too.  Hopefully by the time I come back from vacation no one will want to talk about it.  (One can only hope!)